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Terms of use

Acceptance of Conditions of Use

By using or navigating the BOUKILI platform, you agree to respect these Conditions of Use and to be subject to the conditions of Groupe Média TFO’s Confidentiality Policy. These Conditions of Use and Confidentiality Policy apply to all users of the mobile application.

Groupe Média TFO reserves the right to amend the Conditions of Use at any time, by publishing a notice of amendment on-line. Your repeated use of this platform following publication of any such amendments constitutes your acceptance of them as modified.

1. Use for Educational Purposes

Use of the BOUKILI platform is permitted exclusively for educational and non-commercial purposes, throughout the world, by users of the platform.

In each case, the user of our application agrees:

  • To respect all copyright provisions;
  • Not to copy without permission, alter or cause damage to any content or other resource.

2. Respect of Copyright (belonging to Groupe Média TFO and third parties)

Any unauthorized use of BOUKILI content may infringe copyright laws, trade mark laws, privacy laws, advertising laws, or laws and regulations related to communications. Groupe Média TFO and its partners will in no way be liable for unauthorized reproduction or unauthorized use of information on the BOUKILI platform.

Your use of the mobile application BOUKILI confers no intellectual property or other right in any of the elements presented on the platform on you, nor does it compromise or diminish BOUKILI’s rights to the information or other content on the platform.

3. Limited Right to Use

Viewing or using content, visual elements, forms or other material from the BOUKILI mobile application only confers on you a limited non-exclusive licence for use for your own educational, non-commercial purposes.

Beyond the licensed rights, you are not authorized to modify the content of BOUKILI, or to copy, distribute, transmit, post, deliver, reproduce, publish, grant permission to use, create derivative works, transfer or propose the sale thereof, without having such rights explicitly granted to you by BOUKILI. Any illegal or unauthorized use of the BOUKILI resources -- including: the use of any system capable of extracting information by electronic or other means for the purpose of reproducing platform content other than for your own personal use; and unauthorized framing of the platform – will be subject to an investigation and if required, judicial recourse.

4. User Names and Passwords provided by Groupe Média TFO

In each case, users of BOUKILI resources agree not to permit anyone to use their user name or their password to access the platform unless such use is explicitly stipulated on the platform.

5. Use of Services and the BOUKILI platform

Each user of the BOUKILI platform agrees not to:

  • use the platform in an inappropriate, offensive, indecent or vulgar manner;
  • assume the identity of any person or entity, or falsely affirm or claim an affiliation with another entity;
  • upload onto the BOUKILI platform any advertising, promotional content, junk mail, “spam”, a message forming part of a chain letter, an invitation to participate in a pyramid scheme, or any other form of solicitation which is not requested or permitted; to post such items, to send them by email or to transmit them by any other means;
  • to compromise or disrupt the platform, its content, its services or the servers or networks connected to the platform;
  • use the BOUKILI platform and its resources for any illegal purpose;
  • be in violation, whether intentionally or not, of any applicable law whether municipal, provincial or federal.

6. Users under 18 years

Each user who is under 18 years is encouraged to use these resources to the extent that they are considered relevant by parents, teachers, or others. BOUKILI will not be held responsible for any improper or inappropriate use of its resources.

7. Links

The BOUKILI platform may offer links to other platforms or web resources. While BOUKILI attempts to choose such links with great care, BOUKILI cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information found on such links, nor for their policies on the protection of personal information or availability of their information. We encourage you to make appropriate enquiries before using these other platforms or resources.

8. Limitation of Responsibility

In no event, including in the case of negligence, shall BOUKILI, its officers, directors, employees or agents, or those of Groupe Média TFO, be liable to you jointly or severally, for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages of any kind, including loss of use or loss of data resulting from or in relation to use of or inability to use the BOUKILI platform or any of its content, even if Groupe Média TFO or its representatives have been advised of the possibility of such damages.