About Boukili

Boukili, by Groupe Média TFO, provides an immersive, interactive and educational reading experience to children aged four and up who are native French speakers, French immersion students, or learners of French as a Second Language (FSL).

Boukili aims to stimulate children to read and help them attain different levels of reading proficiency by exploring the 126-book collection developed by Mini TFO.

Boukili also invites parents in to witness and guide the reading evolution of their children with the help of a dashboard. 

In addition to these educational objectives, Mini TFO has chosen to integrate minigames, quizzes, an adorable avatar, and travelling as the underlying theme throughout the experience, in order to facilitate learning and spark the love of reading in children from a very young age.

Groupe Média TFO wishes you an excellent journey into the world of Boukili!


Groupe Média TFO Team

Producer/Director Isabelle Lemay

Project Manager Elodie Li

Digital Content Director Magalie Zafimehy

Art Director Martin Simard

Graphic Designer Andrea Rodriguez

Education Specialist Nicole Sylvestre

Narrator Mireille Messier

Integration Manager Micaël N’Goran

Technical Integrator Amadou Ndiaye

Promotion Manager François Bleytou

Marketing Specialist Alexandrine Léger


Digital Learning

Product Director Jonathan N’Goran

Project Manager Laëtitia Monnier

User Support Agent Marie Béranger

Team Libéo

Project Manager Stéphanie Salman

Programmer Paul Côté

Programmer Frédérick Capovilla

Programmer Jérémie Normandeau

Integrator Louis-Étienne Foy

Integrator Mykaël Adam

Designer Jean Chouinard

Designer Charles Gaudreault

UX Designer Joëlle Sasseville

Web Strategist Eric Letarte

Illustrator Myreille Bédard

Quality Insurance Christian Richard

Quality Insurance Jean-François Bélanger


Cortex Collaboration

Programmer Hubert Gendron

Project Manager Gabrielle Garand

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